ANDREW WILSON-DICKSON - Organ & Harpsichord

Andrew Wilson-Dickson is active as a performer on harpsichord, organ and piano, so he could be useful if you are looking for an artist capable of offering a combination of these in one concert.  For instance, a solo recital called 'Toccata' would cover the history of this exciting genre by starting with Frescobaldi on the harpsichord, moving on to organ Toccatas from 17th- and 18th-century Germany, and then migrating to the piano for19th- and 20th-century toccatas by, say, Schumann, Debussy or Ravel.  Andrew is well used to introducing such a programme informally to an audience.

However, not many venues have the organ and piano necessary for such a programme, and Andrew Wilson-Dickson can offer recitals on any of these three instruments (or mix harpsichord and piano as he can bring his own harpsichord).

His piano repertoire include major sonatas by Classical composers, a selection of Romantic works (particularly Chopin) and a wealth of twentieth-century music, including Debussy, Ravel, Scriabin, Schoenberg and Bartok. He has a particular interest in the music of Bax. A recent recital consisted of Debussy Etudes, Bartok's Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm (from Mikrokosmos book 6) and Bax's Third Sonata. He also plays a programme of piano treios in March '99 by Shostakovich (no1), Ravel and Wilson-Dickson (no2).  As he is potential jazz player and busker, he has a good harmonic understanding of the music he plays and can improvise convincingly in various styles.  He has a weakness for the music of Billy Mayerl.  He has recorded duet and two-piano reperoire several times for Radio 3 with the pianist James Walker.

Andrew also has a broad knowledge and experience of chamber music, having accompanied many artists in duo, trio and quartet formations.  Thus the major items of duo repertoire (such as Mozart and Beethoven violin sonatas, Beethoven cello sonatas, various Schumann, Mendelssohn trios, all the Brahms sonatas for violin and cello as well as trios and quartets and the quintet, Debussy sonatas for cello and violin, Ravel violin sonata and trio, many of the Hindemith sonatas, Martinu, Frank Martin, Berg, etc.  He plays regularly in PM, a professional group specialising in contemporary music.

On the harpsichord Andrew has instruments suitable for playing early Italian music, and English and French music of the earlier 18th century.  He has also played the major concertos of JS Bach (D minor, and Brandenburg Concerto no5).  He has wide experience of playing continuo, a subject which he has studied thoroughly.  The Passions of JS Bach are a speciality, as well as many operas (French, English, Italian) and oratorios.  He is equally at home with the needs of modern and early instrumentalists, but is particularly happy with period instrument bands.  He is able to tune harpsichords to a variety of temperaments, according to need.  He has played with distinguished groups (such as European Chamber Orchestra) and musicians (Catherine Mackintosh, Alison Bury, Andrew Manze, Crispian Steele-Perkins and others).

Andrew has long experience of organ continuo playing too, having been a church and cathedral organist for many years.  He also has a broad repertoire of solo organ repertoire too, which includes the major works of JS Bach and the music of a number of other German composers (Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Tunder), and a broad cross-section of 20th-century music, especially French (Tournemire, Jolivet, Alain, lots of Messiaen including Livre d'Orgue) and some striking pieces of his own.  In February 99 he played the Poulenc organ concerto with Orchestra da Camera, and has recorded the Haydn concerto in F for violin and organ with the same orchestra (Meridian CDE 84375).


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